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Introduced in Madagascar during the 19th century by Pierre Poivre, Clove cultivation has really started in the early 20th century to be further developped later on most of the east coast of Madagascar from the area of Vangaindrano (Atsimo-...

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Madagascar is one of the major producers of Essential Oil in Africa. The qualities of its spices  are recognized by professionals in the world.

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Madagascar produces a variety of spices, including gastronomic qualities are demonstrated. Malagasy people do not use spices as much as Asian in its dishes. Only a...



Madagascar / Sambava: Few clouds, 30 °C

Social Responsibilities of the Company

Sustainability project



Context Founded by an approach economically viable of the vanilla beans production at the same time in terms of resources and environment, our Sustainability project aims to support the producers in the Sambava area in their fundamental needs so that they can be devoted entirely to the vanilla cultivation with a respectful of traditional know-how and thus guarantor of the quality to which one owes its reputation.

Accordingly TRIMETA AGRO FOOD and its importer – flavor manufacturer PROVA, working at the sides of the growers association AVABE (Association Vanille Ambatojoby-Bemanevika ), whose members come from four villages close to the Bemanevika city, engage in a social program. Financed by PROVA, with the structural support of TRIMETA FOOD AGRO, it concentrates on the following shutters:

  • Education: our objective is to improve the classrooms in order to encourage the children to go to the school and to enable them to profit from a school course of quality.
  • Nutrition: we wish to support nutritional diversity by drawing up cultivation projects conceived for a beneficial food mode balanced for health. Health: we want to bring to the villagers the access to the basic health care in their own villages, without having to go in remote hospitals.
  • Environment: we aim to preserve the ecosystem and to fight against the slash-and-burn-cultivation practices of the rice, which is a source of deforestation.
  • Community projects will be also undertaken, for example the improvement of the water supply system by the construction and the restoration of the wells in each village.

On their side, the growers association AVABE begins to respect a Code of Agricultural Practices with an aim of ensuring the vanilla production and curing in accordance with the professional standards (Organic and Fairtrade standards).

Achievements carried out (2012-2013)

  • Education:

- Complete rehabilitation of the EPP (Public Primary school) of Bemanevika with construction of latrines and supply of table-benches.

- Supply of table-benches for the EPP (Public Primary School) of Tsaratanàna.

  • Culture - Creation of a public library with a gift of more than 400 books, furniture and the training of a librarian allowing the whole pupils of the rural district of Bemanevika to document itself there.
  • Food safety: 

- Establishment of 4 sites for vegetables cultivation distributed in the four villages.

- Culinary demonstration and nutritional training by the National office of Nutrition (ONN).

  • Health: 

- Equipment of furnitures and medical accessories for the Center of basic Health - level I of Ambatojoby and the Center of basic Health - level II of Bemanevika.

Our partners in the achievement of these projects are

AVABE (Association Vanille Ambatojoby-Bemanevika ): vanilla growers of the rural district of Bemanevika.

ONN (National office of Nutrition)

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of the Public Health

Ministry of the National Education

PROVA (France)



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